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Origami wet folding technique

We’ve heard a lot about the “wet folding” and thought we’d share with you what we’ve learned. Origami wet folding technique is what the name implies. It is a process of dampening the paper before folding it in order to create softer, curvier edges (as opposed to sharp edges and straight lines only). This exciting […]

Origami is a Great Mental Workout for Seniors

Seniors clubs and community centers have taking up origami by the storm! In this article, one senior claims that the ancient art of origami has saved her life. Her teacher, Shikauchi Nielsen, experienced first hand how beneficial origami is as it is a quiet, tranquil activity that doesn’t take muscle and also brings peace of mind. It […]

Origami Convention in Vancouver Canada

The first ever origami convention in Canada is happening this year in Vancouver from October 5-8, 2012! It is located at the Century Plaza Hotel on 1015 Burrard Street. The registration fee is $180, which includes a complimentary $20 t-shirt. You can register here on this site. Take note that the number of participants is being capped at 200 so […]

Home decor with origami cranes

Did you know that you can create some beautiful home decor with those simple origami cranes that you’ve made growing up? Here is a quick refresher on how to fold an origami crane. You can get origami paper from your local store or from our online site. Depending on the style you’re looking for, you […]

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