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Lucky star origami gifts and decoration

Origami lucky stars are so versatile. Many people like to fold a bunch and place it in a decorative jar and present it as a gift to a friend or a loved one. Below we provide you with a couple more ideas to inspire your next lucky star project 1. Lucky Star Accessories: Lucky Star […]

Where to buy origami lucky star paper?

Some of you have been emailing us to ask where you can buy paper to fold origami lucky stars. We did some searching, and found that it was indeed quite difficult to get a hold of them online! Well, today, we’re happy to announce that we will now sell origami lucky star paper on our […]

How to fold an origami flower poinsettia?

We recently posted about origami wedding decorations and received quite a few questions on instructions for folding origami flowers. Below is a good how-to guide on folding origami poinsettia. Send us some of your finished photos! We’d love to see them!  

How to fold an origami jumping frog

One of my favourite childhood origami creations was the jumping frog. It’s not only fun to fold, but it’s fun to play with afterwards too! I remember when I used to have jumping frog contests with my little buddies to see whose origami frog creation would jump the highest or farthest. Below are the instructions […]

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