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Christmas Origamibook 2012

I just got an email about the Origami Christmas book. What a neat concept! This is the seventh time that it’s been in production and it is a book from creators to creators. All the material is new as creators cannot submit any previously published instructions. If you’re interested in participating, keep reading below on […]

Now selling Hanji Paper online!

We are so happy to let you know that we just received some Korean Hanji paper for our online store! Below is some background and history on hanji paper itself. What is Hanji paper?  Handmade papers have always had special appeal to people, especially to the craft enthusiasts. It’s an added bonus if it is […]

Where to buy origami lucky star paper?

Some of you have been emailing us to ask where you can buy paper to fold origami lucky stars. We did some searching, and found that it was indeed quite difficult to get a hold of them online! Well, today, we’re happy to announce that we will now sell origami lucky star paper on our […]

Origami Convention in Vancouver Canada

The first ever origami convention in Canada is happening this year in Vancouver from October 5-8, 2012! It is located at the Century Plaza Hotel on 1015 Burrard Street. The registration fee is $180, which includes a complimentary $20 t-shirt. You can register here on this site. Take note that the number of participants is being capped at 200 so […]

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