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Origami wet folding technique

We’ve heard a lot about the “wet folding” and thought we’d share with you what we’ve learned. Origami wet folding technique is what the name implies. It is a process of dampening the paper before folding it in order to create softer, curvier edges (as opposed to sharp edges and straight lines only). This exciting […]

The basics of origami paper

Origami is an ancient Japanese art of folding papers. It may be an ancient form of handicraft but even in this very age, origami is very appealing to people all over the world. Only a single piece of paper can do magic if you know the ways of origami. Yes, a single piece of paper […]


History of Origami

A piece of paper is considered to have a thousand and one uses. Not only is it used for writing or printing, but it can also be used for making decoration pieces or craftwork. Most of us when we were little kids tried to make birds and other items with paper. During those times, we […]

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