Christmas Origamibook 2012

I just got an email about the Origami Christmas book. What a neat concept! This is the seventh time that it’s been in production and it is a book from creators to creators. All the material is new as creators cannot submit any previously published instructions.

If you’re interested in participating, keep reading below on instructions from Anna (the organizer of this great initiative). 


How it works:
Everyone who wants to participate sends Anna (at least) one previously unpublished folding instruction. Afterwards Anna assembles them all into a pdf-file with a table of contents and send it back to all participants. In the end everyone of them gets a nice compilation of diagrams that aren’t available elsewhere.

Everyone who wants to take part can send his/her instructions to Origamibook AT gmail DOT com (Replace “AT” with “@” and “DOT” with “.”)

The last date to send your instructions is December 14. The book will be sent out on December 24 (hence the name Christmas Origamibook).


How many participants contributed in previous years?

2011: 43 participants sent 66 models. The book was 176 pages long and 18 MB in size.
2010: 77 participants sent more than 126 models. The book was 339 pages long and 47 MB in size.
2009: 59 participants sent in a total of 90 models (12 Crease Patterns, 3 photo Instructions, 1 alternative model). The book was 246 pages long and 25,2MB in size.
2008: 56 authors sent in a total of 90 models (17 Crease Patterns, 6 photo instructions, 5 text instructions). The book was 287 pages long and 28,4 MB in size.
2007: 48 participants sent in a total of 70 instructions (16 Crease Patterns, 4 photo instructions). The book was 13 MB in size and 176 pages long.
2006:32 Authors have sent in a total of 49 Models (5 Crease Patterns). The book was 147 pages long and 24 MB in size.


Discussion about the last six books can be found here:

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