Have Some Fun with Origami Toilet Paper


Ever feel bored while you’re in the washroom? If you need some entertainment while you wait, why not use the origami toilet paper. It’s educational, it kills time, and you can use your resulting creation afterwards!

The origami toilet paper lets you be creative while doing your daily (or more/less frequent) activity. Simple instructions are provided on the toilet paper to teach you how to fold a piece of paper into birds, boats, and many more.

I did a search online to see how much they are selling for now. This website indicated that it sold for $5.95 back in 2009. But it looks like the product has now been discontinued. What do you think? Should we bring this back ?

Quick note – don’t mix up origami toilet paper with toilet paper origami. Toilet paper origami is the act of folding your toilet paper into fancy hotel style displays. Stay tuned for a featured article on this!

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