Home decor with origami cranes

Did you know that you can create some beautiful home decor with those simple origami cranes that you’ve made growing up?

Here is a quick refresher on how to fold an origami crane.


You can get origami paper from your local store or from our online site. Depending on the style you’re looking for, you can go with plain colour paper or fancier washi paper for a more a traditional Japanese look.

Below are some neat Do-it-Yourself ideas for your next home decor project.

1. Over the baby crib

Source: whitecabana.wordpress.com

Source: PullingPetals from Etsy

2.By the window sill

Source: Artsy Origami from Etsy

3. In a picture frame

Source: noodlehug from Etsy

Source: http://www.kijuuki.com

4. In a jar

Source: http://aieru.deviantart.com/art/origami-crane-jar-136815511

5. In a vase

Source: http://blog.fossil.com

Let us know if you have other ideas! You can send any photos you have to info@origamipapermonster.com as well.



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