How to fold an origami jumping frog

One of my favourite childhood origami creations was the jumping frog. It’s not only fun to fold, but it’s fun to play with afterwards too! I remember when I used to have jumping frog contests with my little buddies to see whose origami frog creation would jump the highest or farthest.

Below are the instructions on how to create your own jumping frog.


So what kind of paper do I like using to fold this jumping frog? Depending on my mood, and what I want to use it for, I usually use one of the following types of paper:

1. Just plain ol’ paper (for when i’m bored in class, at work, during my commute, or anywhere else)

2. Fancy glow in the dark paper (for parties, sleepovers, my bedroom)

3. Beautiful Green tea paper or washi paper or momigami paper (when I want to use it as home decor)

Hope you enjoyed this post! If there are any specific instructions you’d like us to highlight, drop us an email or comment below.


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