Origami Inspired Flux Chairs


The ancient art of Japanese paper folding, or origami, is increasingly being used as an inspiration for furniture design. Paper, plastic, and even steel are folded and transformed into functional products for the household.

Today, we feature for you the Flux Chair, created by Holland designers Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten.

This chair features:

  • Made of sturdy polypropylene material that can hold up to 352 pounds
  • A handle that makes it easier for you to carry around
  • Weatherproof material for use indoors and outdoors
  • Can stack 21 chairs flat in 1 foot
  • Eight different colors
  • A Flux Wall Strap to allow you to store the chair against a wall
  • Weigh just 10.6 pound




The Flux Chair won the 2011 Grand Design Award product of the Year. It takes people typically 10 seconds to put it together. The record time is actually 2.19 seconds (Flux furniture holds competitions to see who can build it the fastest)!

Are you interested in buying one for your house? It’s currently available to the US market through retails at Yliving for $200.

Check out this Flux Chair folding instructional video:

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