Large Tissue Paper Storage Rack Now Available for Sale Online

When we first started selling our large papers, we had a difficult time trying to find the best storage solution. Everything that was on the market seemed either too bulky, too large, too flimsy, or too hard to manage! We had limited space in our warehouse and wanted a solution that was both low-profile but also easy to stock and restock.

After looking long and hard, we decided that we should design something in-house! Our talented in-house designer / engineer created the perfect wall-mounted storage rack that we’ve now been using for many months. Our staff loves it and it saves us space and time.


Quick_Change__60624We’ve received many emails to date asking us for advice and tips to store large origami paper or large tissue paper. We’ve sent photos of our storage solution around and received a lot of requests to make it available for sale on our site. We are very happy to announce that you can now purchase our specially designed Large Tissue Paper Storage Rack on our website!! It is available as a 12-slot model right now, but it is completely modular so that if you’re looking for 36 slots, you just have to buy three sets and you can install it side-by-side or one on top of another! If you need further customization, just send us an email and we will work with you until you get your perfect product.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on our storage rack!

Benefits of Origami for Seniors

Seniors Origami Activity at Fox Manor

Seniors Origami Activity at Fox Manor

There are many seniors especially those who are retired who like to stay active. They are always on the lookout for projects and activities that can help time pass and stimulate their bodies and minds. One great activity for seniors is origami. Many people think that origami is just for kids, but it can be great for seniors too. Learning origami can improve brain function. Therefore it is not only ideal for children but senior citizens too.

Brain Exercise

Origami is actually good exercise for the brain. Learning how to fold paper can help create new neural pathways in the brain. There are many patterns available ranging from easy to challenging so origami is a great activity to keep seniors occupied and prevent them from being bored. Origami can be challenging but at the same time it is a very affordable hobby. Origami paper can be brought from most office supply or art supply store and there are many books and even free videos online that can help seniors learn how to do origami.

One of the most popular patterns is the paper crane. Japanese children learn to fold the crane early in their lives. Origami is a tranquil activity that does not require plenty of muscle. It relaxes the mind while keeping the hands occupied. There are many things you can make with a single sheet of paper. Folding designs can help seniors ward off depression and if done in a social setting help them keep in touch or make new friends.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Origami is also great for hand and eye coordination. The use of the hands can help stimulate the locomotor part of the brain. This is especially helpful for seniors that suffered stroke. It is a good form of physical therapy. Paper folding stimulates the cognitive area of the brain. When the hands are active, electrical impulses are sent to the brain activating the right and left hemisphere. Aside from stroke therapy it can also help with seniors who are undergoing injury rehabilitation.

Seniors can also get emotional satisfaction from origami. When one finishes a certain design there is a feeling of satisfaction and pride. The more challenging the design; the greater the satisfaction. 3D comprehension and imagination are also stimulated.

Aside from decorations, there are many designs seniors can do with origami. There are gift boxes, party decorations, organizers and toys. Origami activates the whole brain. Not only will seniors retain and develop their hand-eye coordination but it can also help them retain their sequencing skills, attention skills, math reasoning, visual skills and social skills.

Other Benefits

It can also help with manual dexterity, fractions, creativity, measurement and help improve reasoning. While many people do not think this is important to seniors, in many aspects it is. Many seniors are left by themselves the whole day, others reside in retirement homes. Even if origami for seniors is usually viewed as entertainment, the other benefits mentioned above can boost a senior’s self worth and keep them happy and entertained.

Using Math to Make Complicated Origami Sculptures

What is Origami? Origami used to be flapping birds and toys. However origami today has evolved into an art form or even sculpture. The common in origami is folding. Probably the most common form of origami is the crane. Every Japanese child learns to fold this shape. But has everything that can be done with origami already done?

In a video I recently watched, Robert Lang talks about how origami, math and engineering principles have changed the way we fold paper today.   He has found a way to merge math with origami creating mind blowing intricate pieces that are not only beautiful but have real life applications too. This scientific approach has made it possible for origami artists to create shapes not possible before. His repertoire includes a replica of a cuckoo clock, a snake with 1000 scales and a 2 foot allosaurus skeleton. All of this is the product of a software he created. He has been practicing origami for over 40 years and is recognized as an origami master and engineer.

He tells us that origami is useful in the real world. The structures developed in origami have real life applications in medicine, consumer electronics, space and more. For example Koryo Miura studied a simple folding pattern which he used to design a solar array which flew in space in 1995. The eye glass telescope had a 100 meter diameter lens which used origami techniques to fold to be shipped in space. Heart stents grafts inspired by origami are also being used to hold open blocked arteries. This stent used an origami pattern called the water bomb base. Airbag designers also benefit from origami by getting flat sheets into a small space.

Clearly origami has evolved from being a child’s hobby to a fantastic art form and even as a means to solve modern day problems. Time might even come when origami can save lives.

Unryu paper is now available online!

We’re so happy to announce that we now sell Unryu paper at Origami Paper Monster.

For origami enthusiasts unryu paper is perhaps one of the most common kinds of paper being used. Unryu paper like lokta, hanji, gampi, abaca, kozo and saa are artisan papers favored by origami artists because of their strength and beauty. Unryu like many kinds of paper used in origami are floppy to begin with. They are usually treated with methylcellulose (MC) in order to resize the paper before folding.

Paper Making History

In Japan unryu paper was originally called “cloud dragon paper” due to the long strands of kozo added to give the paper contrast and texture. Aside from origami it is also used for calligraphy, decorative uses, and as cover paper. In Japan, paper is not only used for communication or decorative purposes but has ties in religion as well.

Paper is basically a maceration of bark, cloth or plant that is formed into sheets. Paper making started in China in 105 AD. Before this time, the Chinese wrote on strips of bamboo or silk. However bamboo is quite bulky and heavy to carry around and silk even during this time was very expensive. This lead the Chinese to find a more practical medium for writing and so paper was invented in China.

Korean monks brought paper making to Japan in 610 AD. They brought manuscripts written in mulberry bark. The paper making craft spread quickly and by 806 AD paper was being made in 40 provinces around the country. During this time a guild was formed by the Emperor that employed only the finest paper makers in Japan. Today “washi” from the Japanese “wa” meaning Japan and “shi” meaning paper refers to Japanese handmade paper of any kind whether it is traditionally made or not.

How It Is Made

Unryu paper is made from the mulberry bush. Once the bark matures it is then stripped off (don’t worry it grows back). Then it is soaked in water to make it soft and pliable. It is then boiled in sea water to further soften the fibers and plant cellulose. After this process the product is bleached to make the pulp even colored. The pulp, after it has rested will undergo a coloring process. After this the pulp will be formed into sheets by a screen tray and then dried under the sun.

Unryu In Origami

Depending on the use or purpose they come in different weights, sizes and colors. There are unryu paper that have inclusions like metallic strands, glitter or petals. When holding or even looking at unryu paper it feels and looks like tissue paper however it is much stronger. This paper is usually translucent allowing light to pass through them. When folded it does not form a crisp line which is why many origami users back-coat it with MC to make folds and creases hold.

Getting Unryu Paper Ready For Folding

Because this kind of paper is usually soft, origami enthusiasts use different ways to make it origami-ready. One popular way is to back-coat two sheets of unryu paper with MC together. This will make a thicker and stronger sheet and makes the paper easier to wet fold. An easier way is to simply treat it with MC and then fold to your desired model.

Origami artists usually favor handmade paper like unryu for super-complex models. This is because once treated with MC these handmade papers are more likely to last longer and are easier to fold.  Even though there are many kinds of washi many origami artists recommend unryu paper to beginners as it is easier to work with, cheaper and more readily available even in the USA and Canada.

Please visit to check out our latest Unryu Paper addition. We’ve also added Mango Paper, Sugar Cane Paper, Jute Paper, Metallic Frosted Paper and Gold Thread Inclusion Paper as well!

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