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Home decor with origami cranes

Did you know that you can create some beautiful home decor with those simple origami cranes that you’ve made growing up? Here is a quick refresher on how to fold an origami crane. You can get origami paper from your local store or from our online site. Depending on the style you’re looking for, you […]

Photo by Mihoko Takizawa

How many cranes can you fold with one piece of paper?

Mizuho Tomita practices “renzuru”, an origami technique that uses a single sheet of traditional “washi” paper to fold multiple cranes that all connect to each other. His personal record is 368 connecting cranes using one sheet of paper. Read more here!


The Humble Paper Crane

What can I say about the humble paper crane.  Known for good luck, it’s one of the first creations any aspiring origami artist learns to make.  Easy, and great with the kids.  There are already tonnes of instructionals out there on how to build this crane, so we thought we’d just pile on another one.  […]

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