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Home decor with origami cranes

Did you know that you can create some beautiful home decor with those simple origami cranes that you’ve made growing up? Here is a quick refresher on how to fold an origami crane. You can get origami paper from your local store or from our online site. Depending on the style you’re looking for, you […]


Have Some Fun with Origami Toilet Paper

Ever feel bored while you’re in the washroom? If you need some entertainment while you wait, why not use the origami toilet paper. It’s educational, it kills time, and you can use your resulting creation afterwards!

Origami Inspired Flux Chairs

The ancient art of Japanese paper folding, or origami, is increasingly being used as an inspiration for furniture design. Paper, plastic, and even steel are folded and transformed into functional products for the household. Today, we feature for you the Flux Chair, created by Holland designers Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten. This chair features: Made […]

Fold t-shirts the japanese way

Put your origami folding skills to use on your every day laundry! This Japanese t-shirt folding technique is supposed to be the fastest and easiest way to fold a t-shirt. It takes only two seconds once you’ve mastered the technique. If you’re like me though, the first couple times definitely took more than that. Leave […]

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