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Christmas Origamibook 2012

I just got an email about the Origami Christmas book. What a neat concept! This is the seventh time that it’s been in production and it is a book from creators to creators. All the material is new as creators cannot submit any previously published instructions. If you’re interested in participating, keep reading below on […]

How to fold an origami jumping frog

One of my favourite childhood origami creations was the jumping frog. It’s not only fun to fold, but it’s fun to play with afterwards too! I remember when I used to have jumping frog contests with my little buddies to see whose origami frog creation would jump the highest or farthest. Below are the instructions […]

Origami kits for kids

Going to a kids birthday party and need some ideas for what to buy? Instead of buying them toys or games, why not consider buying origami kits for kids? It’s a great activity for families and you can even showcase the finished product afterwards! Here are some origami kits you might be interested in getting […]

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